1 Move and find active fish when fish become stubborn while jigging. Don’t get stuck in a hole. This concept will usually keep your ice fishing catch rates up. If you are already catching fish but action slows in a hole move over a few feet and try. Too often anglers get stuck in a hole.

2 Concentrate on your ice fishing jigging technique. Every angler has there go to technique. By putting more attention on your jigging technique that subconscious style everyone has will be changed and will allow an angler to figure out the technique on a given day.

3 Holes are free. Drill plenty of holes when an area is located that is holding fish. This will allow you to bounce around and not waste time when the bite is on.

4 Lure Styles can play a role in catch rate while ice fishing . At times fish may prefer a flashy bait such as spoons like Rapalas Rattling Spoon other times they may react better to small jigs. Once you start marking fish you need to find out the best trigger to get them to hit your bait. This trigger is usually different from the method used to attract.

Top 5 Ice fishing Tips To Maximize Your Catch on the Ice!

5 Do your homework! Check out likely areas on Navionics Boating App https://www.navionics.com/usa/apps before hitting the water.