What rod should I use for dropshot? What rod for a swimbait? How about a rod for a stickbait? These are questions that I am frequently asked on a guided fishing trip! The answer is really personal preference, but there are some reasons why I prefer a certain rod over another for a particular bait or retrieve! St Croix Rods offer a variety of Rods with a diverse price range for all skill levels and are The Best Rods On Earth!

Let’s start with the St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod. This is a quality rod that doesn’t break the bank. I use this rod series for swimbaits. They come in actions from Ulta Lite to Med. Heavy with lengths from 5′ to 7’6”. I use the 6’6” and the 7′ models in a medium action while targeting bass with a 1/16 oz – 3/16 oz jighead. The action is perfect for detection of light bites and will load up nicely on hard hits. The price range is around 105 to 130 dollars.

Susquehanna River Smallmouth

The St. Croix Avid is priced at around 240 dollars each and is a definite step up from the Triumph. The SC111+ carbon rod blank is more sensitive and the other components are made of higher quality. I have used the St. Croix Avid line of rods a lot in the past when I tournament fished. On guided trips for striper and walleye, I utilize these rods for certain techniques. The 7 ft Medium action rod is a versatile rod that I use for Stickbaits, larger swimbaits, and also glide baits. On guided bass trips the 7′ medium light is the perfect action for fishing the drop shot or the Ned Rig.

Another rod that I started using on guided trips 2 years ago is the St. Croix Eyecon. This rod series is economical, lightweight, and is great with braided line. This rod is priced at about 150 dollars each and is well worth every penny. The 6’8” medium extra fast is a great stickbait rod. Whether you are targeting bass or walleye these rods have the backbone as well as a forgiving tip essential for not only detection of bites, but also not ripping trebles from lunging fish. My 4 St. Croix Eyecon spinning rods have increasingly been used for other techniques such as cranking, heavier swimbaits, and top water!

30 Inch 10LB Lke Wallenpaupack broun Mike Salamon Guide Service

Last but definitely not least is the Panfish Series rod by St. Croix Rods. The 6’0″, Ultra Light, Fast action is my rod of choice for panfish. It has a lot of sensitivity utilizing newly engineered SCII carbon fiber, and SCVI reinforcements, that is both stronger in flexural strength and lighter than previous sc11 carbon blanks. The rod is great for those large unintended catches. Recently a client landed a 10 lb 30 inch brown trout fishing for perch on Lake Wallenpaupack with one of these rods!

So now that I gave you a glimpse of several rod series I utilize for guiding. I will tell you, I am very particular with my rods. They are generally technique specific. You would not want to use a hammer to break a board at 7 ft when there is a saw that works much better. The same principle applies. If you are fishing a matted weed bed in 8 ft of water, the 7 6′ Medium Heavy rod would be a lot more efficient than’ the ultra lite panfish rod for flipping into the pockets for bass! That analogy is a bit extreme but you get the idea. Utilize the right tool for the job!

St. Croix Triumph Rod at Cabelas

St Croix Avid Rod at Cabelas

St Croix Panfish Series Rods at Cabelas

St Croix Eyecon Rod at Cabelas


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