Fishing in the fall offers a lot of opportunity for both trophy class fish as well as numbers. The fishing can be fast and furious at times in the right locations. Whether you are targeting bass, walleye, or panfish such as perch or crappie there are plenty of fall fishing opportunities!

Bass in the fall are feeding up in preparation for a long winter season and will readily eat a variety of properly presented lures. Keitech Swing Impact swimbaits or Z-Man Finesse TRD presented properly will be irresistible for unsuspecting bass in the fall. A slow presentation is usually key with these baits. At times in the fall a faster bait such as a Rapala Ripstop or a topwater bait such as Rebel Pop-R Plus is the key to finding fish.

Walleye will move to predictable locations and late fall is arguably the best time to target the marble eyes. Blade baits such as Heddon Sonar Flash or a swimbait such as a Keitech Easy Shiner will put numbers of fish in the boat. Most often a slow presentation is key but during prime feeding times, such as right at dark, a faster retrieve will result in more bites.

Panfish such as perch will group up in larger schools in later fall and will present an opportunity to load the boat. Generally the perch will be deep and a vertical presentation will be advisable. Baits such as TTJ Tunsten Tubby Jig or a Lindy Tungsten Fat Boy will get you down to your target. These lures combined with modern sonar will greatly increase your odds.

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