Whether you live in a big city or a rural community, I bet many people ask, is there great fishing near me? If you live in northeastern part of the United States you are in luck! Hundreds of river, lakes, and streams are found scattered across the magnificent landscape! Northeastern Pennsylvania comes to mind as a destination that has exceptional fishing, a wilderness setting, and is close to major population centers. Lake Wallenpaupack and the Susquehanna River are two of the larger bodies of water in the area and both are blessed with exceptional fishing opportunities!

The North branch of the Susquehanna River runs 182 miles through Pennsylvania from the New York state border to where it meets the west branch in Sunbury. In 2023 the North branch Of The Susquehanna River was designated as Pennsylvania’s Rver Of The Year. Fishing on the Susquehanna River is exceptional for smallmouth bass! The best months for larger fish are April and May in the spring and September, October, and first half of November in the fall. Catfishing can be good anytime under favorable conditions. Walleye fishing on the river generally is best in the colder weather months when fish condense in predictable locations.