Mother Nature gives the northeast part of the country a dark, cold. and snowy season that really doesn’t have to be a dreadful time of the year! With the cold comes great opportunity for outdoor recreation when properly outfitted. The hard water on the lakes in the winter months gives anglers a chance to fish on a stable platform right over fish. Ice fishing can also be a great escape from cabin fever! 😃

Ice FishingIce FishingIce Fishing

Although the water temperature is cold while ice fishing, fish have to eat and many species group up in tight schools. Anglers positioned over these fish can have a field day using the correct equipment and techniques. Tip ups, jigging rods, and sonar are all used for ice fishing to locate and catch fish. Other amenities for comfort include heated ice shanties, chairs, snacks or even a grill for a cookout! 🍽

Ice FishingIce FishingIce Fishing

Perch, Bluegill, and Crappie are favorites for anglers jigging on light tackle and offer a white clean fillet for the table.  Bass, pickerel, trout and other species give anglers a great fight on tip ups and the thrill of running for a flag when a tip up flag goes up cannot be matched! 🐟🎣

This winter give ice fishing a shot, stay motivated, and enjoy all mother nature has to offer!

                          Ice Fishing   Ice Fishing

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