With the water temperatures finally stabilizing a bit, almost at 60 the night bite is becoming more consistent. A lot of small stripers are being caught and the walleye bite is starting to heat up as well. The Midnight Madness from this point forward will only get better till the end of July! I expect larger fish to start showing up again like earlier in the year following a pretty predictable pattern year after year based on water temperature not a calendar day.

The alewife are a bit confused from the constant wind, cold nights, and that urge to spawn. They are starting to make the move shallow and within a week we should start seeing spawning activity in areas if the air temperatures remain warm at night. People wondering exactly what I mean by Midnight Madness< it is when the alwives spawn in the shallows and large fish group up and gorge themselves. This activity in the calm normally quiet night time shallows creates the sounds of load slaps, smacks and pops that can be heard on entire shorelines at times. This is the perfect scenario for not only catching a trophy, but also satisfying an addiction