Spring fishing in Pennsylvania offers endless opportunities for the willing! Warming temperatures along with increased daylight will create scenarios for an action packed day on the water. Bass, walleye, catfish, striped bass, as well as perch and other panfish are all seeking warm water and suitable spawning grounds. With that said, the warming water will also increase a fish’s metabolism and therefore create an insatiable appetite. As all this activity is going on anglers can take advantage by targeting certain areas.

Seasonal pattern knowledge for individual species of fish is a key to success this time of year. In other words (what are the fish doing now and why). When you apply the correct seasonal pattern it will narrow your search area. A good article on this can be found at https://www.onthewater.com/largemouth-bass-calendar . Generally speaking fish will start to make a move shallow. Finding key locations along their route will increase your catch rate.

Larger fish of all species are vulnerable in spring particularly the pre spawn time frame. Bass and other fish will group up in areas and can be extremely aggressive. On the right day fish after fish can be caught using light tackle while using the correct technique. This spring make a move yourself and enjoy the season of plenty!