We all know stripers can be extremely aggressive predators. They also can be very finicky when weather conditions, fishing pressure and cold water are at play. So what do you do to combat these conditions? Well there is no easy answer. Many times downsizing your lure is the answer and other times you can use lures and presentations that create a reaction bite. Consistency is obtained through trial and error, many hours in many conditions, and confidence.

Lets start with confidence. Confidence is a major key to success in anything we do in life. Without confidence an individual can find themselves second guessing themselves often, and even not finding success in what you are trying to achieve. The same goes with fishing. A person who is confident with a specific technique and lure will be successful when conditions allow.

Fishing conditions dictate the how, when, and where an angler will find success. The only way to gain this experience is to be on the water in all conditions. Pre frontal, post frontal, cold days, warm days, and the stable weather patterns all have effects on stripers. Fishing through all these conditions year after year will greatly enhance your knowledge of the effects mother nature plays on different fish species including striped bass.

Many anglers fish one lure for a species confidently. Other anglers only fish on windless sunny days when its warm. To be more consistent an angler needs to be open to change up your lure selection and/or presentation to meet conditions.

My experience with difficult conditions such as cool water, post frontal, and daily changing weather patterns in the past contributed to my clients success in my last several outings. But most of the credit goes to my clients who focused on retrieves, believed in me, and persevered through some tough conditions.