Whether you are fishing Lake Wallenpaupack, the Susquehanna River, or another body of water in New York state or Pennsylvania, Summertime Smallmouth Bass have a couple of things in common, great fighting ability and a diet fit for a king! Smallmouth bass in the warm waters are extremely aggressive at times and can be caught with a variety of presentations. Increased temperature means smallmouth bass will have a metabolism in high gear and will have these bronzeback gems feeding often!

New York state as well as Pennsylvania have many lakes and rivers that are awesome smallmouth bass fisheries. The north branch of the Susquehanna River, to name one, has a great population of bass and has an incredibly diverse buffet at hand for the hungry bass. In the Susquehanna River several species of crawfish, stone cats, hellgrammites, and many other minnow and insect larvae are all present for fish to dine on.

Smallmouth Bass pound for pound is one of the top fighting fish in freshwater! When you add current to the equation such as in a river system you have a true warrior! These warriors are often targeted with light tackle and will test any anglers ability to land. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, as well as topwater are generally used in prime time and swimbaits, TRD style baits as well as soft plastic stick baits are used most often in the slower periods.

Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, Summertime Smallmouth Bass fishing will definitely get your blood pumping! That first topwater bite of the day or an arm jarring strike with a crankbait in the current will make anyone with a pulse aroused!

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