It was a misty cold morning. I caught a few targeted species then I slid down the pool and made a cast for some Susquehanna Gold. My Keitech swimbait just hit bottom and bang I got thumped. With my 8 lb test Suffix and 7 ft ML St Croix Avid the battle was on. After 5 minutes or so I landed the beast. Susquehanna Gold is the name many put on carp. With the water temp at 34 and the Susquehanna River running clear the brilliant Gold color really stands out.

Susquehanna Gold
Susquehanna Carp

Carp numbers are slightly down from what I remember 20 years ago but still plentiful and will eat a properly placed bait. I actually landed 2 in the mouth and had several others that were fouled hooked. When locating the carp in the cool water find the end of the pool where the water starts to go back upstream and you may just find a gold mine!