Susquehanna River Channel Cats are fun to catch, plentiful, and underfished. This predator dines well in the rich waters of the north branch of the Susquehanna River. Cats eat an array of things including Crawfish, Bluegill, insects and any other dead or living things that they can get there mouths around. This appetite is surely an advantage for the would be angler.

Many cats are caught by anglers pursuing bass in the swift currents in summer, but most fish are in moderate to slack waters most of the time. Fish can be caught from 1 ft of water with heavy current on one extreme to the deeper pools with little or no current.

A variety of baits can be used to target these whiskered critters including cutbait, liver, nightwalkers, and many commercial stink baits on the market. The key most of the time is to have the bait on the bottom and not drifting.

Cats typically aren’t known for there fighting abilities but on light to medium tackle in current they are extremely tough fighters and will definitely challenge even the most skillful angler. Cats 11-15 lbs are present in the river with a lot of fish caught between 6 – 8 lbs. Channel Cats can be caught all day, but low light periods are generally there prefered meal time.