Three baits that anglers must have while fishing the Susquehanna River are the Keitech Swimbait, Zman Finesse TRD, and a Rapala Brat. These three baits I use on a regular basis in search of quality smallmouth bass. There are others such as a Rapala X Rap and a Bass Pro Shops Tender Tube that produce as well. But for day in and out performance the Swimbait, Trd, and the Brat can not be matched.

Keitech swimbaits such as the 2.8 Swing Impact Fat and the 3.5 Easy Shiner rigged on a jighead will consistently produce fish. Vary your retrieve from a constant retrieve to a lift and fall. Let the fish tell you the correct retrieve of the day! Generally, I start with a faster retrieve and then slow down if no bites.. If fish are still not hitting, I eventually go to a lift and fall as a last resort. Keitech Swimbaits at Cabelas

Sometimes the bass on the Susquehanna River want that lift and fall method or even a slow drift. The Z Man Finesse TRD is the perfect bait in those situations. The Finesse TRD rigged on a Finesse Shroomz jig head is typically called a TRD. The TRD can be fished in many ways, but more often than not a very slow lift and fall is the ticket. The fish usually hit just before the bait hits bottom. On a slower bite sometimes they will suck it off the bottom after a pause of sometimes 5 seconds. Definitely experiment until you figure it out. Sometimes the TRD can be cast across the current and allowed to drift naturally. There are days this method shines and it seems like it’s the only method that will work. Z-Man Finesse TRD at Cabelas

The Rapala Brat is a great crank bait for locating fish on the Susquehanna River. Especially larger fish in areas that you may not want to cast a sinking bait. Particularly those very rocky current areas where snags are an issue. Vary your retrieve, but more often than not the pace is just a little faster than the river current speed in the area your fishing. Rapala BX Brat at Cabelas

With the Keitech Swimbait, Finesse TRD, and the Rapala Brat as your go to baits in the Susquehanna River you will no longer be guessing on a bait to use. Gain confidence in these three must have baits and start enjoying catching more quality smallmouth bass on the Susquehanna River.


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Top 3 "must have" Susquehanna River Baits for Smallmouth Bass